In the last 2 years, since we received our diagnosis and decided to do something further for ourselves, our literature has had a radical change.
Novels, poetry and adventure books gave way to technical and scientific books.
We’ve read some books (many of them!!), we’ve visited several blogs and sites always searching for reliable information, mainly connected
to health and wellbeing.

We are sharing those that we consider the most relevant and, above all, the ones that have helped us to consolidate knowledge,
those that have helped us to make our choices and allowed us to be what we are today!

Health and Wellbeing


This was undoubtedly the first book on our new bedside table.
It sums up a lot of information about the Anti-Cancer strategies that we have within our reach,
and in a first-hand account while reading this book we feel that, like the author,
we should also follow his recommendations and completely change our life for the sake
of a healthier lifestyle.

Along the same line of thought we also recommend the following books:

Books Books Books Books Books Books

Cooking and Gastronomy

After we had the information it was time to get our hands dirty!
The question is the dirt had changed and we needed to learn cooking anew… Have you ever cooked a dish that not even you were able to eat? Us too! But learning processes
are just like that and after many tries there will come a day when you’ll receive congratulations! It’s delicious! In order to get there, we advise you to fist improve your knowledge. Any diet should always be well planned
and vegetarian diet is no exception, so it’s very important for us to gather information about nutrients and their availability in the vegetable realm. There are two documents Guidelines for a Healthy Vegetarian Diet and Vegetarian Nutrition for School Children, written by the DGS (the Portuguese Health Authority), whose reading we strongly recommend
for those who wish to have some basic notions about a healthy vegetarian diet.
Guidelines for a Healthy Vegetarian Diet Vegetarian Nutrition for School Children
As a following step we recommend that you buy 1 or 2 cookbooks,
in order to learn how to cook and, last but lot least,
to have ideas for your meals. Author Gabriela Oliveira has done a fantastic job
in this area, so we recommend that you read her several books
where, besides finding easy and delicious recipes you may also
find information about food and vegetable based menu suggestions. For us books are essential, but there are also sites and blogs
constant sharing of knowledge, namely in terms of recipes
that may help us in our daily lives Check here.
Books Books Books Books

Personal and Spiritual Development

While discovering a new path, at the suggestion of a friend
we’ve integrated these readings, reorganized priorities and chosen objectives.

Sports and Leisure

All sweated out and full of inspiring experiences, the pages of these 2 books
were the essential motivation for us to “move” our minds and our legs at running pace.
It is well worth a try!
Books Books Books Books
Books Books Books