Zsolt Lorincz

Enterpriser / Bodyboard Coach

Zsolt Lorincz

What made you awaken to this activity?
My love for the sea and enjoying the waves.

What makes you get into the water and catch “that wave”?
Besides the emotion and fun, the peace and tranquillity that the sea brings us.

How do you see the role of physical wellbeing in the maintenance of mental wellness and vice-versa?
Indispensable!!! One can’t do without the other.
As we use to say: “a sound mind in a sound body!”

What advice would you give to someone who is starting this activity?
My advice, to start with, is choosing a school of your liking, so that you may start safely and with a good knowledge of rules and techniques.

What is your main recommendation for being happy and healthy?
Fighting for our dreams, having a fine nutrition, practicing sports daily, and loving…

What makes you happy?
As I am a very simple person, small daily events can put “a big smile” on my face.
Being able to achieve objectives in life and helping other people to achieve theirs.

Pure Emotion

Zsolt is now a coach at his own Bodyboard school, Pure Emotion in Carcavelos.