Vegetais de Corrida in Your Kitchen

If you’d like to know more in order to diversify your diet, make it healthier or even start cooking vegetarian meals, we can help you by sharing our knowledge and experience.

In one session we let you know:

– 100% based healthy ingredients.

– Places close-by where you can get them.

– Sources of inspiration.

– Vegetarian Recipes.

After analysing an initial questionnaire, we will create a programme for the session. The programme will include a subject of your choice and we will COOK in your kitchen delicious and practical recipes adapted to YOUR FAMILY’s daily needs.

If you’d like more information, please send us an email to:

Matos Family
Picture: Matos Family

“Congratulations for the audacity and the courage of not giving up what you believe.
I’m a fan since I’ve known this project.
I could do more but this is just the beginning.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get in touch with a healthier alternative of nutrition.
A big thank you”

Pereira Family
Picture: Pereira Family

“The vegetarian cooking session allowed us to gain more knowledge about food and find healthier daily alternatives for our diet. The time we’ve spent together has opened up new perspectives and inspired us to make positive changes. Ana and Laurinda, a big thank you! May you be able to go on inspiring many other people to also change for the better.”
Ana and Luis

Fonseca Family
Picture: Fonseca Family

“A very gratifying experience which allowed us to realize that eating well and in a healthy way isn’t necessarily time-consuming and difficult. Besides, the recipes are delicious, genuinely intense and tasty, easy to cook and very pleasing to the eye, as shown in the pictures we took. That is fundamental if you have children, as “you also eat with your eyes,” seducing young and old and wetting their appetite and sharing the wish to enjoy the food.
Thank you for the experience and the will to share your knowledge.”