BodyBoard Hi, would you like to ride some waves tomorrow???” That’s how our friendship started.

Although in the beginning the idea of taking the board and going to sea seemed frightening…
the truth is after some hours, many laughs and many sips of water
we had taken a decision! Going to sea once a week, always! Top priority!

In fact, the sea has a purifying effect on our mind.
The tiredness of some ours at sea brings us an unimaginable wellbeing.
Northing replaces the feeling of putting on your surfing apparel, taking your board and feeling the cold sea on your feet and diving in the deep blue…

BodyBoard Zholt

As nice “Racing Vegetables”, we always want to learn more
about the practice, and we’ve had the wise instruction of our teacher Zholt Lorincz
from the school Pure Emocean em Carcavelos.



Despite not being easy to persuade…
after accepting to surrender to the blue energy that raises us and takes us to higher dimensions.

Body BoardBody Board