I went running yesterday … I don’t feel like it… there’s no problem! Let’s go on a hike!!

Who never tried going on a nice hike? Alone or with company, we are able to perceive the sounds, the scents, the colours…
we can observe everything around us more attentively and in a more reflexive way.

Hiking We breathe deeply and take another step.

And step by step, on a slower or faster pace
we feel that we will get there… that we have to get there!

In the end… our body appreciates that!

Hiking A friend on the sand

Today was one of those days…
I didn’t feel like running and my mate was grateful,
she prefers to hike!

Sometimes a look is worth a thousand words!

A mate, such a faithful friend… me and my Sunny
the sun that shines on me, even on the gloomiest days…