If you ask us about our number one physical exercise, the answer is quite easy! Racing!

In racing we found ourselves, in racing we outdid ourselves and in racing we challenge ourselves!

Reaching new goals, feeling that we have made it and it’s possible to reach farther gives us joy, makes us feel happy, gives us LIFE!
Could we live without racing? Yes, we could… but it wouldn’t be the same!


Ana had already raced for some kilometres, Laurinda had less kilometres but was full of motivation.
And so it was that, on 12th October 2014 we put ourselves to test
and ran our first 10 km together. Was it hard? Yes, it was!
Did we want to give up? Yes, we did! But in fact, despite all adversities, among tears, rain and sweat we finished the competition
with a feeling that “we can do it”!
We can run 10 km, we can exceed our goals,
and we can win battles… WE CAN DO IT!

It’s difficult to explain the pride and satisfaction that this competition brought us… but the images speak for themselves.
Since that day, racing and competition have become a constant in our lives.

Feeling that we have reached small goals such as running for 10 km, helps us think we can overcome big battles in life!