Where to Practice

We all know we don’t need much for training, just a pair of trainers and we can easily go for a hike or go jogging.
Nevertheless, for a training session, group classes or regular training we have a favourite place that is already a part of our daily routine.
It’s almost our home away from home.

Lagoas healthclub
Lagoas Health Club

Excellent professionals in a very pleasant atmosphere!
That’s how we define Lagoas Health Club.
With a very comprehensive variety of classes,
attentive and well trained teachers in a very well kept
place… and a wonderful swimming pool!

Website: http://www.lagoashc.pt/
E-mail: info@lagoashc.pt
Address: Lagoas Park, Lt 6 (Ed. Health Club), 2740-245 Porto Salvo Oeiras
Phone: 21 111 1600