Meditation There are times when we are forced to stop and make a reflection about our life.
The hectic pace that we face in our daily life doesn’t leave much time
for us to pause for reflection. The practice of meditation was introduced to us during our disease and, since then, it’s been a part of our life.
Actually, we don’t need much in order to do it, we just have to close our eyes for 5 minutes
and focus on ourselves. Detaching from everything that surrounds us, and focusing on ourselves, and on the moment,
helps us achieve what many people call Mindfulness.

Nevertheless, although it seems so simple, it may not be easy and immediate in the beginning.
The practice, preferably to be done daily, will help you easily disconnect from the world
and focus on your SELF.

Quiet your mind, reduce your anxiety and face with clarity the challenges of this life in a more positive and confident way.

Here are some tips to help you start this practice:

– Buy a book and read a little about meditation and how to start practicing.

– Choose some music (youtube, meditation and relaxation CDs).

– Find the place that makes you feel good.

– Define the ideal moment (the most convenient for you).